gemini:// is a protocol used to access a different kind of web, like http://. Gemini is also a way to write text documents that one finds on the gemini-protocol-web, like HTML. when you're on a regular browser, we convert gemini pages to html. But e-worm pages are also viewable through a Gemini browser, where they are just their pure .gmi selves. Here are some gemini browsers, but they're not that easy to get going with– if y'all want I can make a nicer one for u.


e-worm's statuses are based on twtxt, basically a protocol that stores a twitter-esque feed in a text file. with a twtxt client, you can follow other twtxt users, whether they are on e-worm or anywhere else on the web. Neither of these clients are very cute either tbh :/


For editing images, you might want to try out imagemajick:

This is a great way to resize, filter, and compress images to 32KB. Here's an example command I used:
convert car.jpg -resize 350x350 -define jpeg:extent=32kb car2.jpg -strip


You can add a special file named robots.txt to your page. This will inform web-crawlers, for example, search engines, how to treat your page. It will not block them from crawling your page, but well behaved crawlers will respect it. For example, if you don't want your web page archived by Google, Internet Archive, or anyone else, add the following to your robots.txt:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

For more info, see: